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What are different data transmission modes?
The manner in which data are transmitted from one location to another location is called data transmission mode. There are three ways or mod...
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What really is web designing?
When we visit on the Internet, we see and scroll the pages which are called webpage. Every new screen you see is a new webpage. A webpage ca...
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 What sectors of government spends money?
In the past, the functions of the government were few and limited only to protection of the country and maintenance of law and order in the ...
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Interest | Meaning and Definitions of Interest
In the general sense interest is the payment to the leader by the borrower for taking the loan. It is Express as rate percent per annum. For...
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How Government Make Money?
The income of the government through sources like taxes, borrowing, fees, and donations, etc, is government revenue. However, proof Dalton h...
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Why government expenditures is increasing ?
Government expenditure is also known as public expenditure. Revenue collected by the government has to be spent on the administrative and de...
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How public expenditure helps on developing economy of country?
Role of public expenditure in a developing economy 1. Social and economic overheads Economic development is handicapped in developing countr...
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