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What is Crude Birth Rate (CBR)

Crude Birth Rate (CBR)

Crude Birth Rate is defined as the number of live births in a year per 1000 mid-year population of a certain place at a certain time. It is calculated by using the following formula.

B= Number of live birth
The P=Mid-year population at a given time.

Crude Birth Rate (CBR)

Advantages of Crude Birth Rate

It is a very simple calculation and only mid-year population and live births of a certain place at a certain time are needed. The formula for CBR is also easy to remember.

Disadvantages of CBR

It is a very rough calculation of fertility because of fertility's different sex and age. It gives a vague idea about fertility as it covers a population of all age groups and sexes. In CBR, the mid-year population includes children, young people, middle-aged, old people, and both males and females. This doesn't give accurate data, as we know that only females are capable of giving birth.


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