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History Of Computer in Nepal

The history of the computer in the world is very interesting to study because it is the only one of the most advanced inventions which developed so fast. If we talk about the history of computers in the world then it is much old but in some countries, it just begins to start. There is no long historical background about the uses of computers in Nepal. 

Computer in Nepal

An electronic calculator "Facit" was used to prepare the census report of 2018 B.S. It took a long period to complete the census nearly more than 6 years. In 2028 B.S., the Government of Nepal brought IBM 1401 (a Second Generation computer) on rent to process the census data of 2028 B.S. This machine took 1 year 7 months and 15 days to complete the census of 2028 B.S. In 2031 B.S., the national computer Center (NCC), was established for national data processing and computer training. To process the census data of 2038 B.S., the Government of Nepal brought another powerful computer ICL 2950/10 (fourth generation computer) from England. It completed the census of 2038 B.S. in one year and their months. It is kept in the museum of the National Computer Centre (NCC) Singh Dubar. At that time the British Government helped to develop the manpower of the NCC. In meantime, Nepalese students went to India, Thailand, and the USA for computer education themselves.

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After 2039 B.S., microcomputers such as Apple, Vector, Sirus, etc were imported by private companies and individuals in Nepal. Many private companies like computer Consultancy (CC), Management Information Procession systems (MIPS), Data System Internation (DSI), etc were established. Such private companies started selling computers and training people to produce computer manpower in Nepal. Ar that time, Nepal Rastra Bank, Nepal Telecom, Office of the Controller of Examination, Tribuval University, Office of Employee Provident Fund, Nepal Electricity Authority, Hetauda Cement Factory, and many organizations used a computers in their work. Today there are thousands of computer training institutes, computer sales, and repair centers in Nepal. Different universities are opening IT colleges in Nepal. Students are given computer education at the school level. Now computer subjects are included in the curriculum of schools and colleges by CDC and HSEB. Within a few years, the government of Nepal is planning to provide computer education for all schools throughout the country.

The government has formed the Level Commission for Information Technology (HLCIT) under the chairmanship Of the Minister. The policy is also formulated in 2-57 B.S. It Park with all infrastructure for IT companies is under construction in Banepa, Kabhre with the help of the Chinese government. To legalize the transaction through electronic media, the l government issued ' The Electronic Transaction Act-2061'. It is known as the cyber law of Nepal. Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) was established in December 1992 It is an autonomous, non, political, non-profit making and service-oriented organization. 


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