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Types of computer based on Model

The computer has gained now very advanced technology which is the result of step-to-step improvement in micro and nanotechnology. There are three types of computers based on the Model. In this article, we will discuss briefly those types of computers based on Models.

Types of computers

Types of Computers Based On Model


XT stands for Extended Technology. It is an IBM PC with a slow hard disk. It was released in March 1983. It had an Intel 8088 CPU, 128KB of RAM, a 10MB hard drive, and an eight-bit bus These computers were slow in processing (4.77 MHz).


AT stands for Advanced Technology. It was released in August 1984 with an Intel 80286 processor and 16-bit bus. It has a medium speed hard-disk and a 1.2-megabyte floppy disk drive. The processing speed is also high in this computer compared to the XT computer.

The microprocessor used in AT computers is 80386SX, 80386DX, 80486SX, 804486DX, and 80586. It has an additional co-processor that helps t process complex mathematical problems. A co-processor is a computer processor that speeds up the operation of the computer by helping the main processor or the CPU.

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3. PS/2 Model Computers

IBM's second generation of personal computers is called PS/2 (Personal System-2). This computer was released in early 1990. It used refined architecture making the computer faster than AT computers. It uses a 3.5" micro floppy disk with a capacity of 1.44 megabytes, a VGA display, and an OS/2 operating system.


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