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What is CUI and its features

 CUI and its features

CUI stands for Character User Interface which is a command-driven system to communicate with the computer, the user has to instruct the computer in special commands. DOS is a very commonly used command-line interface. The main advantage of this interface is that it can be quick to use as long as the user knows the correct command.

The main disadvantage of the command-line interface is that they are very difficult to use if the user is a beginner or doesn't know the correct commands. 

CUI types

Features of the Command Line Interface are.

  • It is less user-friendly than GUI.
  • Commands are used to instruct the computer.
  • The user needs to remember the command for the operation of this system.
  • It cannot display graphics icons, pictures, multimedia, etc. 
  • Pointing devices like mouse, joystick, trackball, and trackpad are not recognized. 
  • It is much faster than GUI-based systems.
  • CUI-based OS is usually an 8 or 16-bit OS.
  • It is a single task and a single-user OS.
  • It can be used in low memory and low processing speed computers.


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