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What is GUI (Graphical User Interface) Operating System?

What is GUI (Graphical User Interface) Operating System?

A graphical user interface allows the user to enter commands by pointing and clicking at objects that appear on the screen. It takes advantage of the computer's graphics capabilities to make the program easier to use. Well-designed graphical user interfaces can free the user from learning complex command languages.

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Features Of GUI operating system

  • GUI interface is easy to operate and user-friendly.
  • Users don't have to understand the syntax. 
  • The job, which is to be performed, can be understood by icons present in the GUI mode.
  • Other peripherals like a mouse, joystick, light pen, etc. can be used.
  • Image, games can be played in an easy way.
  • Users can able to explore more by themselves.
  • Users don't need to remember all the commands.
  • GUI environment is full of multimedia operation and animation.
  • It requires a larger memory space and a faster processor to operate.
  • It is capable of operating multitasking, multiprogramming, and multiuser system.
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