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Diabetes and its preventive measure [2021]

 Lack of insulin produced by the pancreas causes increases in the level of sugar in the blood. This condition is called diabetes, or simply, sugar. Insulin is a kind of hormone, which controls the level of sugar in the blood. Increases in blood harm various organs of body Consequently, the function of blood vessels and nerves is impaired. The WHO has estimated that about 180 million people in the world are suffering from diabetes. The figure will be doubled by 2030 A.D.

preventive measures of diabetes

Diabetes affects the retina of the eyes and causes blindness to the patients. About 2 percent of diabetic patients lose their vision and 10 percent have problems in vision after 15 years of suffering from this disease. About 50% of diabetic patients face problems in peripheral nerves with light pain and weakness. Legs become weak as the nerves cannot work properly due to the lack of proper circulation of blood As a result, non-healing ulcers can also emerge in the legs. Kidney problem is found in 20 percent of diabetic patients. Almost 50 percent of diabetic patients face heart attack and stroke.

 Some Effective Preventive measures of Diabetes

1. Balanced diabetes

2. Regular physical exercise

3. fat reduction

4. Avoiding spicy and greasy foods

5. Avoidance of alcohol and tobacco

6. Regular physical check-up

7. Practice Yoga/meditation to reduce mental tension