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Report and it's objectives

A report is a descriptive statement of an incident or event prepared by an authorized body / Commission/ committee with the facts and finding of the study Research and investigation along with the opinion and suggestion of the writer. It is a historical statement that provides information about past activities. It consists of facts and information with are found after the inspection, Research and survey. It is taken as one of the important means of sending and receiving information. 


It is an analytical statement based on a collection of facts, events and opinions and usually Express of summarised and interpreter value of the information.

What are the Objective of report?

To find the facts

Report writing collects various data and information from various sources and analyzes them to find the facts. Through the visit and inspection of events, it is easy to find the facts.

The depict situation

It depicts the condition of an organization. It gives an answer to the questions regarding the present situation, activities, strengths, weakness etc. of an organization.

To circulate the finding

Report writers collect data, facts and information to identify the real situation after an investigation. The final report is handed over to the superior and circulated to the concerned authority.

To help in formulating plan, policies, rules

The report shows the real picture of an organization. It gives proper information and guidance to the policymaker for making plans and policies rules and regulations.

To find the causes and effects of a problem with the recommendation

Report finds the causes in research case or incident and source defect on it. The report writer also gives his/her view on it as a recommendation that guides the concerned authority to take official action on such cases or events.

To suggest the concerned people

Report writers give their views on the report after preparing it. The report provides some suggestions on the concerned parties to bring better results by showing the problem. 

To provide evidence

The report is prepared in a systematic way in written form which works as proof in the future to handle disputes and misunderstandings. It provided evidence for the effective operation of an organization.

To help in decision making

The reporter collects data, tracked, information and analysis them by presenting his/her views on it. The report provides the technique for taking necessary corrective actions in future for the decision-making process.