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What are the types of Reports ?

The report is a descriptive statement of an incident or event prepared by authorized body/ Commission/ committee E with the facts and final of the study Research and investigation along with the opinion and suggestion of the writer. 

Types of report

Reports and their types

There are different types according to the nature and objectives of the job performed. Some of the common types of reports are explained below.

Government report

A report prepared by concerned government authority for public knowledge is cal government report. Government establishes and launches different programs and projects for the economic development of the country. Government is responsible for the people of the nation. The government needs to inform the public of its plans, policies, activities, progress and achievement. It is an analytical statement of the government which informs about income and expenditure, progress and achievements of the program launched by the government. Government policies such reports from time to time for public knowledge. Examples of such reports are the budget of the country.

Audit report

Every organization's maintenance is financial activities in the book of account in a systematic manner. A source account is examined by an auditor after the computation of the fiscal year based on the purpose of whether the organization is maintaining the accounting activities fairly or not. A report prepared by an auditor after examining the book of account is called an audit report. Books of account of Government and corporations are audited by the office of the auditor general and accounts of private organizations are audited by the private auditors having the audit licence. 

Committee report

A committee or commission is formed for a specific purpose with a view to conducting research, inspection investigations on a particular case. The committee collects data, facts, information etc. And find the conclusion with opinions, suggestions and recommendations. A report prepared by such committee after completing the job is presented to the concerned authority which is called a Committee report.

Educational Research report/ academic report

The report prepared by the students during or after the computation of the study is called an academic report. It is known as an educational report. It is prepared by the student to cross certain academic levels. The thesis report/ field report presented by the Student Of the different levels are some examples of academic reports.

Annual report

A report which is presented by a company, institutions, organisations at the end of the fiscal year to ascertain the performance of progress during a year is in a report. In the case of a company, it is compulsory to submit the annual report in the Annual General Meeting of shareholders every year. It includes the information related to the different activities, incomes and expenditures of the Year.