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What should we consider while drafting a report?

Writing a report refers to the act of writing a report in a systematic way. A report is an analytical statement prepared for the evaluation of the process and performance of the job done by the Authentic body. Writing a report is not an easy task. Qualified, experienced, and trained manpower is needed to draft it. It should be realistic and relevant with soaps for the formulation of plans, policies rules and regulations. It should be simple, short and complete to relay the necessary information.

What should we consider while drafting a report?

Consideration for drafting the report

  • For preparing a good report, the following points are to be taken into consideration
  • The report writer should mention the subject as heading at the top.
  • The report added to the district the objective and duration of the report clearly.
  • The language of the report should be simple, clear and easy to understand.
  • The body of the report should be logical in sequence preferably with the number of heads.
  • It should contain necessary facts, data, statics and information in appropriate tables, charts and diagrams.
  • Codes and symbols should be used in the report. If necessary, an explanation should be given.
  • The report should be complete so that it could not create any confusion To The Reader.
  • The report also destroyed the findings of the survey properly.
  • If the writer likes to give your opinion and suggestions, he/she should mention them in a separate paragraph.
  • At last report, the writer must sign on it for its validity.


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