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Application Fields of Multimedia

Today the field of multimedia is being wider. There is not any boundary of using multimedia. It is used in almost all the fields such as Business, Education, Entertainment, Art, Engineering, Medicine, Scientific research, Virtual reality, etc.

video conference through multimedia

Some of the fields where multimedia is widely used are listed below:

  1. Education and Training
  2. Business iii. Entertainment
  3. Film Industry
  4. Internet and Web
  5. Medicine
  6. Advertisements
  7. Multimedia Presentation
  8. Virtual Reality 

Some of the fields are described below:

1. Education and Training

Nowadays multimedia is playing very important role in the field of education. Multimedia education is an interactive way of learning and teaching. It provides an easy and quick learning environment tor the students. Nowadays interactive multimedia CDs are available for different subjects so that students can learn different subjects sitting at their home. CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) is an example of educational multimedia CD. Distance education programs and open universities are being possible only due to the use of multimedia. They used interactive multimedia technology to teach their students and to take reactions from the students. Multimedia is also used in training. All the computer based training courses (CBTC) are prepared using multimedia technology. Training sessions can be transportable on DVD or CD ROM to allow for maximum flexibility.

2. Business

Multimedia is being the essential part of today's business. It is playing vital role in the field of business. It is used in almost every aspect of business. Many businesses want to use multimedia for various purposes such as, employee training, sales presentations, products advertisement, consumer education, communication, etc. In business, multimedia is used to present information to shareholders, superiors and coworkers. It is also used for providing employee training, advertising and selling products all over the world. Multimedia is also helpful to show presentation while launching new products. Businessmen can perform virtual face-to-face communication sitting at different locations using video conferencing.

3. Entertainment

Multimedia is heavily used in the field of entertainment. The use of Multimedia plays a crucial role in entertainment industry. It is specially used to develop special effects in movies and making animations. Many special movies such as Jurassic park, Titanic, King Kong, Star Wars, Terminator, Godzilla, etc. are developed using multimedia technology. It is not possible to develop such hypothetical movies without using multimedia elements. The development of computer games, video games, cartoon movies, etc. are also not possible without using multimedia technology. The multimedia technology is also used in musical industry. The special effects in audio and video songs are added using multimedia technology.

4. Internet and Web

Today multimedia technology is widely used in the Internet and web. While browsing the websites in the Internet, perhaps you have seen attractive animations, pictures and sounds. Such effects in the websites are created by using multimedia technology. Using multimedia technology, information in websites are presented in effective and interesting ways. With the use of multimedia web pages display animations, play sound and allow the user to interact with them.

5. Medicine

The use of multimedia in medicine is increasing rapidly. In Medicine, doctors can get trained by looking at a virtual surgery. Using multimedia, they can simulate how the human body is affected by diseases spread by viruses and bacteria and then develop techniques to prevent it. 

6. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created by using computer software ‘ a and hardware and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accept it as a real environment. Many devices along with the computers are used to create a virtual environment (VE). The virtual reality is not possible without using multimedia technology VR provides a different way to see and experience information. For example, in a computer game, user's joystick motions are tracked and the objects in the game are moved according to the joystick movements. In the same way a simulated, three-dimensional world is creak around the user in which he/she could interact with objects, people and environments.