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What are the Basic Programming Tools?

All the instructions on the computer should be done in the correct order. If the instruction in the program is not written in the correct order, the computer won't give the correct result. The computer programs are written by a programmer using different programming languages. Before writing a program in an actual programming language, pre-planning is needed. The proper planning helps the programmer to write program instructions incorrect order.

programming developing techniques

A programmer uses different programmer tools to make proper planning before writing program instructions. There are several programming tools used by programmers. The commonly used programming tools are:

Three Basics Programming Tools

1. Algorithm

An algorithm is the most commonly used programming tool. It is used by a program or for planning the program and solving the problems. An algorithm source the stepwise procedure for solving a problem, that can be easily converted into any programming language. In another word, an algorithm is a well-defined compositional procedure (sequence of computational steps). It takes a set of values as an input and produces a set of values as its output. It can be viewed as a utility for solving a computational problem. An algorithm is generally written in simple English language.

Properties of algorithm

1. An algorithm should have a finite number of steps
2. An algorithm should not contain the keywords of the programming language.
3. An algorithm should produce the desired result.
4. Each step in the algorithm should have a precise definition.

2. Flowchart

A flowchart is a graphical/ pictorial representation of the steps necessary to solve a problem or accomplish a task. Each step in the process is represented by a different symbol and contains or short description of the processing steps. The flowchart symbols are linked together with arrows showing the process flow direction. After writing the algorithm, the programmers make a flowchart to simplify the process and so there are steps in a more friendly way. Simply, a flowchart is a graphical representation of an algorithm. A flowchart is very easier to understand than an algorithm.

Types of flow charts

i. System flowchart

A system flowchart is a representation of the components and flows in a system.

ii. Program flowchart

A program flow chart represents the information processing steps to be performed within a computer program.

3. Pseudo Code

Pseudo Code is an important program Design Tool that helps to describe the processing steps of the program. It Uses English phrases to show the processing steps informally. It does not use a real programming course what gives the basic and meaningful structure of the program.


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