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What should be considered before drafting a Memo?

Drafting a memo means writing a memo on a particular subject matter systematically. It is not an easy task because specific knowledge, skill, and experience are needed to prepare it. the memo should be simple and clear. All the supportive documents are kept on the left-hand side and memos on the right-hand side. 

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The writing style of a memo may be different according to the subject matter, structure and nature. One the format of drafting a memo is shown below.

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How to write a Memo?

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Consideration For Drafting a Memo

Drafting a memo is an important administrative task. it is prepared to inform the problems, unclear matters along with opinions to the executive level for taking effective decisions. thus, the memo maker should consider the following points while drafting it:

  1. The date when the memo is drafted is mentioned at first.
  2. The subject of the memo should be highlighted at the top to make it clear.
  3. It should be simple, clear, authentic as well as short, and sweet.
  4. Memo paper must be in right and side and related document in left-hand side in order.
  5. Present rules, regulations, and policies in concerned subjects, as well as the opinions, suggestions, recommendations of all concerned members, must be mentioned.
  6. It includes four parts i.e. subject, statement, opinions, and decision.
  7. It should state the past decision and actions in a similar case. 
  8. After preparing it, the drafter should read and check it thoroughly whether the necessary documents are attached or not, then sigh on it.
  9. The person handling it should check the content and forward it to a higher level with his/ her opinion, suggestion, and recommendation with signature.
  10. Finally, it should be submitted to the authorized level for getting the administrative decision of Yes or No.