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What is Memo? Objective Of Memo

The memo is a kind of statement prepared at a lower level and forwarded to the higher level of taking decisions on various matters. It is a written statement of facts, information, opinions, suggestions, and related clauses of ruses and regulations. It is prepared for the amendment of unclear rules, regulations, problems plans, and policies for changing news rules and regulations on important subjects. It is not necessary to prepare memos for clear and regular tasks.

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Generally, the lower-level staff of an organization does not have enough rights to take decisions in overall problems. It is necessary to provide information to the higher level for taking effective decisions. So, the lower level staffs collect the facts, information, opinions, and suggestions and forwarded to higher-level for making effective decision. It is an upward process of communication.

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Objective Of Memo

Following are the objective of Memo

1. To inform the problems

Memo informs the concerned officers about the problems and situations of the organization in special cases. It is prepared for providing information regarding various subject matters.

2. To collect the information

The memo is prepared to collect related facts, information, opinions, suggestions, etc. from all the concerned authorities on a given issue.

3. To give the right decision

Memo involves the different level staff in the decision-making process. The final decision is taken by the authorized level by collecting the view of other sub-ordinate levels. It helps to give the right decision at right time in a democratic way.

4. To clarify the unclear matter

The memo is made to clear unclear rules, regulations, plans, and policies. When it is finalized by the authorized level through the systematic procedure, it makes most of the unclear matters clear.

5. To provide evidence

The memo is prepared in the written form attached with the concerned documents. The written document works as evidence in the future which helps to minimize misunderstanding and disputes in time.

6. To give guidance

For a similar case in the future, it will give guidance to the concerned staff. It helps the staff to conduct the official work in an effective and efficient way without delay.