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When we visit on the Internet, we see and scroll the pages which are called webpage. Every new screen you see is a new webpage. A webpage can include text, animations, videos, images, sound, and many more graphics designs. A webpage contains different information above particular subjects. The first webpage was created by Tim Berners-Lee and put online in August 6, 1991.

A webpage is a document commonly written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that is accessible through the Internet using a browser.

The collection of webpages is called website. A website an have one webpage or thousands of pages or millions of pages depending on the websites.

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What is Web Page Designing?

Web page designing is the process of creating and publishing simple to complex pages with hypertext so that such pages can be viewed and shared by every users on the web. As the user of Internet in the World Wide Web has been expanding and growing every day. The information sharing is becoming regular process through websites. Therefore, web page designing is very important these days. There are several web page designing software. Some of them are: HTML, PHP (Personal Home Page), Java Script, etc. Now you may think what is that HTML? Lets talk about the same topic.

What is HTML in simple language?

HTML is a Hyper Text Markup Language ( HTML ). It is a markup language which is a set of markup tags that are used to create webpages. HTML was developed by Tim Berners-Lee of Switzerland in 1990.

Types of Web Pages

There are two types of web pages in general. They are static web pages and dynamic web pages. Static web pages show the same content each time they are viewed whereas dynamic web pages have content they can change each time they accessed. The dynamic pages are typically written in scripting language such as PHP, Perl, ASP (Active Server Page) or JSP( Java Scripting Language).

Web page designing is increasing as a trend of business these days. As the internet is becoming one of the platform for online business. So the demand of webpage designing is also increasing on this decade. Hope now you have some knowledge about the webpage designing. 


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